The Bee's Online Testing Platform is Here


The new online testing platform gives school spelling bee coordinators, teachers and sponsors maximum flexibility in the administration of local spelling bee programs. As teachers deliver classroom instruction, manage remote learning or provide a combination of the two, they can offer a traditional oral spelling bee or use the new online testing platform to administer a virtual spelling and/or vocabulary test.


Teachers, get started in the online testing platform today by enrolling your school and logging in to your school's account.

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Phase I


Beginning October 15, the online testing platform is available for registration and test administration. There is also a Sample Test that you and your students can take to become more comfortable using the platform.


This initial rollout gives teachers and parents time for:

  • School bee coordinators to create administrative accounts and assign teachers to have access to the platform 
  • Teachers to communicate to students’ parents to register for the online testing platform  
  • Teachers to explore the platform by using Bee-provided video tutorials and step-by-step instructions  
  • Parents to register their students by creating an account 
  • Students to practice with the platform by taking the Sample Test 
  • Teachers to create tests for students to begin taking November 9  

Phase II


Beginning November 9, the online testing platform will be available for testing.


During this second phase:

  • Students will be able to take online tests that teachers assign to them.
  • Parents will be able to download score reports to track their students' performance.
  • Teachers will be able to advance their classroom- or grade-level champions to the school spelling bee.
  • Teachers and parents will be able to register for the online testing platform during Phase II.
  • Teachers will be able to create tests during Phase II.